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Branding Design for the Anniversary of the 100 Years since

the Unification of Thrace with Greece.

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The current work is a brand design project with Louder than Horn for the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.


The Challenge

Do the brand design for the anniversary of the 100 years since the unification of Thrace with Greece.


The Solution

The logo design is based on the typographical elements that have a strong presence in the concept. Starting from the number 100 I explored several approaches combining the zero digit ‘0’ and the Greek ‘Theta’ [θ] standing for Thrace, among which we took our final decision. In the final result theta is the main character standing in the place of the middle zero digit which is transformed into the Greek letter through the use of three stripes which represent the Greek waving flag.


Finally in order to add more uniqueness and give a strong voice to the brand we added a series of illustrations that can be used in various applications. I designed the illustrations consisting of using geometrical shapes to give a sober style to the design.

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